On to the next phase of the project

After soliciting input from stakeholders with strong ties to the watershed, the Our Green/Duwamish team has wrapped up the Phase 1 Listening Tour. IMG_0220Thank you to everyone who participated in this process!

As promised, the team prepared a series of documents that summarizes what we’ve heard to date:

Our Green Duwamish_Summary Memo_Phase I This is a brief summary of the key findings from the Green/Duwamish Watershed Strategy stakeholder engagement process.

List of Plans and Programs This is a list of existing plans and programs addressing biodiversity, climate change, human health, social equity and the economy in the Green/Duwamish Watershed.

Plans and Programs Inventory  Forty-one key plan and program documents describing actions to be taken toward target goals for healthy environmental and social conditions are inventoried in this document.

Challenges and Opportunities This document has both direct input from listening tour participants and internal analysis of existing plans and programs affecting the watershed.

Synthesis Cards The synthesis cards provide background information, key plans and programs, and key challenges and opportunities with respect to important watershed issues identified during the Listening Tour.

Information Maps illustrate existing conditions:

This information will serve to guide the next phase of the project, which entails identifying a small number of focus areas and holding workshops to prioritize actions and evaluate 4876615339_b28f3f8329_zalternatives.

People will continue to have many opportunities to share input and ideas during Phase II as we develop our first compilation of refined alternatives, recommendations and potential implementation actions for the watershed strategy.

5554299578_c081a21aa2_o 3315123334_904592ecb6_zThis first draft will serve as a roadmap for Phase III, the final step in the project that will include an action strategy, funding analysis and implementation steps and ultimately will serve as the final watershed strategy.

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