Duwamish Alive! activities at Cecil B. Moses Park

The Nature Intrudes blog covers the incredible restoration work at Cecil B. Moses Park carried out by dedicated volunteers as part of the Duwamish Alive! celebration. 2015-10-17-13.02.14

King County Parks held a work party in Cecil Moses Park, located at the north end of the Green River Trail, which travels along the shore of the Duwamish River for 19 miles, to the North Green River Park in Kent. Cecil Moses is located at an important transition point in the river, where tidal influences mix the fresh water of the river and the salt water of Puget Sound. Young salmon pause here on their way to the ocean to acclimate themselves to salt water. Cecil Moses is also located close to North Winds Weir, an important historical location to members of the Duwamish tribe.

Read the complete article here.

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