What is Our Green Duwamish?

In September 2014, King County and the City of Seattle partnered to launch the Our Green/Duwamish (OGD) initiative to develop strategies to strengthen communities and improve air, land, and water conditions in the Green/Duwamish watershed (Watershed). This initiative is intended to increase coordination of current work in the watershed at the local, state, and federal levels to manage habitat restoration, salmon recovery, flood control, stormwater management, public health, social equity, environmental cleanups, economic development, open space preservation, water quality, and more.

This blog is meant to document the work in the Watershed related to improving stormwater management.

Why do we need a watershed strategy?

The Watershed isn’t a series of isolated parts—river, uplands, habitats—it’s one connected whole. Our approach to protecting the entire Watershed should be just as connected.

In response to a regulatory mandate or natural disaster, we will use the knowledge of local communities, best available science and emerging technologies to link projects to outcomes for cleaner, more controlled stormwater.

This watershed-level planning work is built upon a process that emphasizes the value of collaboration. Products are co-designed with input from OGD partners.

Vision Statement

In the Green/Duwamish watershed, stormwater runoff is sustainably managed to support and enhance the environment, human health, and the economy.

Mission Statement

We will improve and accelerate watershed-scale stormwater runoff management actions in the Green/Duwamish watershed collaboratively, with community, jurisdictions, agencies, nonprofits, and businesses. We will manage the quality and quantity of stormwater runoff by:

  • Preserving and restoring receiving waters;
  • Securing sustainable funding resources;
  • Aligning regulatory and non-regulatory interests;
  • Advancing equity, social justice, and the economy; and
  • Prioritizing actions with multiple benefits.

OGD Initiative Timeline

Phase I (Listening): 2014-2015

  • Background research, partner outreach & listening sessions, convene Watershed Advisory Group.
  • Preliminary Background Report was created in culmination of the background research and community meetings. This report provides a summary of current conditions and existing plans and programs active in the Watershed.

Phase II (Strategy Development): 2016-2017

  • Partner workshops created the Green/Duwamish Watershed-Wide Stormwater Management Strategy.
  • Vision and mission statements of OGD created.
  • Current actions of the partners in the Watershed and gaps in stormwater management were grouped into seven goals. Specific objectives and strategies to achieve the overall vision for the Watershed were identified for each goal.

Phase III (Implementation): 2018-present

  • Creation of the co-designed Our Green/Duwamish Implementation Plan, which realizes the Watershed-Wide Stormwater Management Strategy developed in Phase II.
  • This Implementation Plan identifies planned actions that OGD partners are implementing in the Watershed and provides recommendations to guide the OGD Coalition over the next five years.

How can I get involved?

There are many opportunities to get involved as the strategy takes shape. Sign up to receive notifications by clicking the orange “sign up” circle on the right side of the page.

Still have questions?

For more information about Our Green Duwamish, contact the Project Manager,
Todd Hunsdorfer in King County’s Department of Natural Resources and Parks at 206-263-0922.