Our Green/Duwamish (OGD) Partners

Thank you to all of our partners that have invested their time and efforts into OGD. Participation in OGD is dynamic and inclusive. We welcome, value, and appreciate all organizations that wish to participate in process. Here is a list of organizations that have helped to shape OGD:

Regional Partnerships

In addition to the Partners listed above, there are several regional partnerships that OGD collaborates with on work in the watershed. Regional partnerships are separate regional collectives that have programs, goals, and objectives that align with the Coaliton’s work in the Green/Duwamish watershed. These regional partnerships include:

• Water Resources Inventory Area 9 (WRIA 9),
• Ecology’s Pollutant Loading Assessment,
• Stormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities (STORM),
• Green-the-Green Network,
• Duwamish Alive Coalition,
• University of Washington (UW) Climate Impact Group,
• Washington Stormwater Center,
• King County Pollution Identification and Correction Alliance, and
• Washington State Department of Ecology’s Watershed Restoration Enhancement Committee.

A Coordination Subgroup within OGD has been created to track these regional partnerships to promote synergy between collectives and identify opportunities for collaboration and multiple benefits. The OGD Coordination Subgroup regularly engages with these regional partnerships within the Green/Duwamish watershed and is continually evaluating other potential partnerships to collaborate with. The Coordination Subgroup also aims to engage with organizations that are not currently participating formally in OGD as active Partners, but are integral members of the OGD community and have a voice that needs to be included in GOD planning efforts.