A look back and looking ahead –

Fall is here – and the OGD coalition is back from a short summer break. During the summer we:

  1. Wrapped up the completion of the OGD mapping tool (beta version), developed a walkthrough document for the tool, and applied for additional grant funding for the second phase
    1. Sadly, we did not get the grant funding – but have no fear – I’m already cooking up something else!
  2. Organized the September meeting agenda, and
  3. Began outlining our annual reporting structure.

The OGD annual report is intended to tell the story of how well the OGD coalition is achieving the goals in the Implementation Plan. This is inclusive of the progress that partners are making on the actions they have committed to, and whether they are feeling supported by the OGD governance structure that we have built together.

For the annual report, we are planning to develop a report sheet for each of the 7 goals in the stormwater strategy. Each report sheet will contain information compiled from three different processes:

First, Partners will be asked to submit an updated action tracking sheet identifying their progress on the actions for which they are responsible for in the Implementation Plan.

Second, the Core Team will be consolidating data from a partner survey intended to capture a snapshot of how well the Coalition is functioning. Collectively we will be working on determining those survey questions at the November partner meeting.

Finally, the last part of each report sheet is information the OGD Core Team has gathered through more personal one-on-one conversations with participating organizations. These conversations are spaces for partners to provide feedback to the OGD Core Team about the Coalition as well as provide more detail about progress on their action items.

We’re anticipating an annual reporting timeline that syncs with State-required National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permitting to avoid duplicative efforts.

Any way you look at it, we’re in for a busy fall and winter.

Stay dry!


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