OGD Mapping tool – beta version complete!

Greetings OGD partners,

We wanted to interrupt your summer with an important service announcement!

The beta version of the OGD mapping tool is now available for use. It can be found here: 


We are in the process of creating a simple pdf with images to help guide your use of the tool. That should be completed by the end of the July, and will be added to this blog under the Document Library tab.

In addition, we are developing a proposal for Grants of Regional or Statewide Significance to advance the development of the tool. In the proposal we are including actions to:

  1. Improve the user experience by adding the ability to upload organizationally-specific data layers (think stormwater assets, drainage basin boundaries, existing capital projects, etc…).
  2. Promote collaborative stormwater management by allowing users to prioritize actions across jurisdictional boundaries and beyond the Green/Duwamish Watershed – to the rest of Puget Sound.
  3. Assist users with meeting NPDES permit compliance.
  4. Develop an online forum to provide access to the source code and catalyze innovative uses of the tool.

If you’re interested in submitting a letter supporting this grant application please reach out to me directly: thunsdorfer@kingcounty.gov.

Enjoy the rest of summer and keep up the good work!


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