Remote Action

“Thank you!” to all the stakeholders who were able to attend our workshop on April 9th, and another huge “Thank you!” for your continued dedication to improving the watershed.  

Our conference call was brief but we had a few updates I wanted to share with everyone following this blog.  

1. Subgroup Updates  

  • The Mapping Subgroup now has a contract in place to begin the development of a watershed-wide mapping tool to guide decision making, track progress on reaching our desired future states, and assist with Municipal NPDES permit compliance. We can expect additional updates from this group at our June workshop. 
  • The Coordination subgroup made great progress on identifying regional collaborative groups with goals that help to advance the goals of Our Green/Duwamish. This subgroup compiled a list of overlapping goals and objectives, mapping them to the goals and objectives of Our /Duwamish, and identified ways to collaborate on future actions. These opportunities have been pulled into our draft Implementation Plan, and will be available for comment until October 2020. Stay tuned for more updates from this subgroup as they begin to connect with the other regional groups they’ve identified.  

2. Implementation Plan Updates 

  • We received a number of great comments about the organization of the Implementation Plan from stakeholders in February. We made edits based on those comments and presented them  during the April 9th stakeholder workshop.  

3. Implementation Plan Editing 

  • Finally, we had reserved time at the end of the April 9th  conference call to collectively provide comments on the current draft of our Implementation Plan. At one point there were more than 15 people looking at the document simultaneously. Thank you for all the constructive comments. The link will remain open until April 22nd, so please be sure to review the document if you haven’t had a chance yet. It’s the perfect activity for telecommuting.  

4. Action Tables 

  • We ask that all stakeholders complete action tables for goals 5, 6, and 7 (or all goals not previously completed). To date we have received actions from the cities of Renton, Auburn, Kent, Maple Valley, and Seattle. King County, WSDOT, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, Department of Ecology, Puget Sound Regional Council, and Stewardship Partners have also contributed actions. GREAT WORK! 

If your organization is doing work in the watershed to improve water quality please contribute to the Implementation Plan! We want to know what you’re up to! Email me to get a FREE blank copy of the Action Tables – fill it out with actions specific to the strategies and objectives under each goal.  

About Todd Hunsdorfer

A versatile stormwater manager with more than 10 years of experience managing an array of water quality grant-funded, contract-funded, and government programs. An experienced researcher and educator knowledgeable on issues of water management, low impact development, stormwater system operations & maintenance, erosion and sediment control, and regional and national water quality related policy. An innovative program developer capable of effective proposal/policy development, multi-tasking, working both independently and cooperatively, and communicating with diverse audiences. A nimble workshop facilitator focused on providing the space for everyone to contribute their best.
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  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks for sharing the updates.

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