Recommended Actions


The Our Green Duwamish Stakeholder Group continues to make progress on articulating the actions that will bring us closer to realizing a future built on clean water. The Implementation Plan describes current conditions in the watershed, and identifies  existing and future actions required to improve them. We are still on track to provide the Stakeholder Group with a draft version of this Implementation Plan in September 2020. Now we need some feedback from you! 

Do you have ideas for action(s) in the watershed that could lead to real improvements? 

Take this survey

This survey is one way we are collecting ideas for future recommended actions that Stakeholders can take in the next 5 years to move closer to achieving our goals and overall watershed vision. The survey will remain open until June 25

Stay safe and be kind.  



About Todd Hunsdorfer

A versatile stormwater manager with more than 10 years of experience managing an array of water quality grant-funded, contract-funded, and government programs. An experienced researcher and educator knowledgeable on issues of water management, low impact development, stormwater system operations & maintenance, erosion and sediment control, and regional and national water quality related policy. An innovative program developer capable of effective proposal/policy development, multi-tasking, working both independently and cooperatively, and communicating with diverse audiences. A nimble workshop facilitator focused on providing the space for everyone to contribute their best.
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