The future is bright!


I wanted to use this forum to provide a quick update for those that couldn’t make it to our stakeholder meeting on February 13th.

Together we:

  1. Discussed how our co-designed content is being used in the Implementation Plan
  2. Gathered feedback about the Implementation Plan outline
  3. Built a table describing the strengths of our organizations
  4. Heard an update from the Mapping Tool and Coordination Subgroups
  5. Discussed the 2020 Work plan

We have some heavy lifting to do in the next 3 meetings. We are hoping to build out the content of the Implementation Plan by goal area before the end of June, and have a completed draft by September of 2020. In addition, we are planning to have a ‘proof of concept’ mapping tool to assist our partners with decision making and permit compliance by the end of the year.

2020 is going to be very busy for all of us, and I continue to be optimistic. We are doing more together.

Please email if you have any questions. It was great to see so many familiar faces at the Green Duwamish Symposium yesterday. What a fantastic event!


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