The WAG concludes & Phase II is complete!

We completed our final Watershed Advisory Group (WAG) meeting on April 5, 2017, which also marks the conclusion of Phase II of Our Green/Duwamish.  Since 2014, we have made progress towards improving the environment and health of the Green/Duwamish watershed.  With help and collaboration from the WAG we have:

  1. built and strengthened partnerships among the many stakeholders working in the watershed;
  2. documented a strong baseline of information about the air, land and water conditions in the watershed;
  3. improved coordination of the substantial number of projects and programs underway in the watershed;
  4. identified areas where more work is needed;
  5. proposed strategies to address these priority areas; and
  6. enhanced our collective sense of watershed identity.

Thank you to the WAG and all of the participants in helping to make this project a success.

If you have any news or updates related to the Green/Duwamish watershed or this project that you’d like posted on this blog, please send the information to: Logan Harris, Communications Manager, King County Department of Natural Resources & Parks (DNRP).

Below we have our final products for this project, as well as, lead contacts for the four Phase II focus areas.

Phase I Products

Phase II Products

Watershed- Wide Stormwater Strategy:

Lead Contact: Josh Baldi, Director, King County Water and Land Resources Division

Watershed-Wide Open Space Plan/King County Land Conservation Initiative:Final Our Green/Duwamish Open Space Plan White Paper

Lead Contact: Bob Burns, Deputy Director, King County DNRP


Climate Resilience & Preparedness Program/Plan IntegrationFinal Our/Green Duwamish Climate Resilience White Paper

Lead Contact: Matt Kuharic, Sr. Climate Change Specialist, King County DNRP

Improve Air Quality and Public HealthFinal Our Green/Duwamish Air Quality White Paper.

Lead Contact: Craig Kenworthy, Executive Director, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

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