Our Green Duwamish (OGD) – Fall 2019 Update

Hello OGD supporters!

It’s been more than two years since this blog has been updated, but I want to assure you – we have been busy. In April 2018, we got the ball rolling with a meeting about our new approach and biennial work plan, and momentum continues to increase with every bimonthly stakeholder meeting.

We have met six times, since the beginning of 2018, to discuss the implementation of OGD’s Stormwater Strategy. Agendas have focused on building the components necessary for an implementation plan – using an adaptive management approach. We have discussed the development of metrics, prioritization, and adaptive management. A draft outline for the implementation plan is complete as well as draft language of a vision for each goal area. The goal area visions will help guide our conversation about identifying priorities and metrics for the implementation plan.

Review and comment on the draft goal area vision statements here. For your comments to be considered, please comment before October 31st.

A mapping tool is being built to reflect OGD priorities to help Phase II cities in the watershed meet permit compliance with their Stormwater Management Action Plans. In the future, the implementation plan metrics can also be incorporated into the mapping tool to help track progress over time.

To facilitate collaboration and provide transparency, an online space is in development to host OGD products, meeting agendas and summaries, and any other materials you need to stay informed on this important initiative.

Our next stakeholder meeting is October 10, 2019. If you are not currently on the email notification, list and would like to be, please contact me.

I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Todd Hunsdorfer

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