The Green/Duwamish has two new Basin Stewards!

We want to welcome two new Basin Stewards to the watershed. Basin Stewards are knowledgeable about the communities and natural resources in specific King County watersheds. The Basin Stewards work with residents and technical staff to develop and implement priority habitat protection and restoration projects in critical salmon habitat areas along our rivers and streams. Learn more about the King County Basin Steward Program, including how they can help you and what services they help provide in their regions.

We have two new King County Basin Stewards in our Green/Duwamish watershed. Kelley Govan is the Lower Green River Basin Steward. The Lower Green extends approximately from Auburn to Tukwila and includes surrounding areas.

Alicia Kellogg is the new Duwamish River Basin Steward. The Duwamish River Basin Steward’s service area includes the Duwamish River (downstream of the Lower Green River) from Tukwila to Elliot Bay and includes the urban incorporated areas of North Highline and Skyway. The Duwamish River Basin Steward is funded through an inter-local agreement between the county, Port of Seattle, and the cities of Seattle and Tukwila, with additional support from WRIA 9.

We are thrilled to have Kelley and Alicia join our team and support the work of the Green/Duwamish Coalition. Welcome!

About Todd Hunsdorfer

A versatile stormwater manager with more than 10 years of experience managing an array of water quality grant-funded, contract-funded, and government programs. An experienced researcher and educator knowledgeable on issues of water management, low impact development, stormwater system operations & maintenance, erosion and sediment control, and regional and national water quality related policy. An innovative program developer capable of effective proposal/policy development, multi-tasking, working both independently and cooperatively, and communicating with diverse audiences. A nimble workshop facilitator focused on providing the space for everyone to contribute their best.
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