OGD Partner Planting Event!

On October 21st OGD hosted our first restoration event where Hamm Creek meets the Lower Duwamish.

The work was made possible with help from Duwamish Alive and EarthCorps! Thank you for the support.

We had 15 volunteers that helped remove significant amounts of trash, blackberries, and scotch broom from the project site.

There is a rich history of community supported restoration efforts on this property – initiated by the legendary John Beal. John was a veteran of the Vietnam War who worked tirelessly to reclaim Hamm creek from a long history of industrial use. He worked for years to restore the health of the creek, and we were fortunate enough to hear about the history of the site from his daughter, Liana.

The Hamm Creek Estuary is one of two salmon spawning creeks in the Duwamish section of the Green/Duwamish watershed and is a popular community amenity.

This restoration work was done to support Goal 2 of our Implementation Plan – Foster partnerships, broad participation and collaboration amongst watershed stakeholders and communities. It was a great success.

See you at the next one!

About Todd Hunsdorfer

A versatile stormwater manager with more than 10 years of experience managing an array of water quality grant-funded, contract-funded, and government programs. An experienced researcher and educator knowledgeable on issues of water management, low impact development, stormwater system operations & maintenance, erosion and sediment control, and regional and national water quality related policy. An innovative program developer capable of effective proposal/policy development, multi-tasking, working both independently and cooperatively, and communicating with diverse audiences. A nimble workshop facilitator focused on providing the space for everyone to contribute their best.
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