Year-end Reflection

Happy December!

As we near the winter solstice I’m feeling energized by the way we are closing out the year. I am also looking forward to reemerging into a brighter 2021 with an exciting Implementation Plan for the next 5 years.

We have collected your feedback on the Implementation Plan and are working to respond to your comments. The complete set of comments and responses will be made available by the end of December. In a manner that mirrors the last 5 years, we appreciate your constructive tone and the collective desire to realize success.

Our timeline has intentionally been slow and deliberate. With an initiative of this magnitude, one that relies on the voluntary commitment of such a broad representation of organizations, we cannot afford to rush at the expense of building a strong foundation for future progress. I am encouraged by the enthusiasm and level of participation we have maintained, particularly during the last 9 months as we were forced into a remote meeting space.

I am encouraged by the enthusiasm and level of participation we have maintained, particularly during the last 9 months as we were forced into a remote meeting space.

Our two OGD subgroups are flourishing, providing additional capacity in a way that had not yet existed prior to OGD. The Coordination subgroup has connected with nine relevant and regional partnerships to communicate OGD goals, promote synergy between work plans, and identify opportunities for collaboration and mutual benefits.

The Mapping subgroup has been busy working with a consultant to build out a mapping tool that will assist Phase II Municipal NPDES Permittees with meeting Stormwater Management Action Plan permit requirements. This mapping tool will free up capacity and funds at all the jurisdictions who choose to use it, allowing them to redirect those resources to other areas where there may be more need.

In 2021 we will be rolling out our next two-year work plan for review, focusing on the thoughtful feedback from OGD partners. In addition to meeting the targets outlined in the Implementation Plan, we will be striving to complete flagship projects that reflect OGD’s vision, develop a subgroup driven to examine alternative funding mechanisms, and find new ways to support the efforts of our partners that bring us closer to our desired future.

Thank you all for your hard work this year. Please continue to be safe.

Happy Holidays!

Todd, Alison, Blair, and Norah

About Todd Hunsdorfer

A versatile stormwater manager with more than 10 years of experience managing an array of water quality grant-funded, contract-funded, and government programs. An experienced researcher and educator knowledgeable on issues of water management, low impact development, stormwater system operations & maintenance, erosion and sediment control, and regional and national water quality related policy. An innovative program developer capable of effective proposal/policy development, multi-tasking, working both independently and cooperatively, and communicating with diverse audiences. A nimble workshop facilitator focused on providing the space for everyone to contribute their best.
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