People + Partners

Who will be involved?

Over the next 18 months, the city and the county will work with the UW Green Futures Lab and the Bullitt Foundation to convene a watershed stakeholder advisory group comprised of elected officials, business leaders, trade unions, urban planners, regulatory agencies, environmental groups, community representatives and public health organizations.

The group will be tasked with devising a strategic plan to coordinate projects and programs across the entire watershed by using the best available science, taking advantage of emerging technologies, and delivering the best possible outcomes for our investments.

The approach of the Green Futures Lab’s Regional Open Space Strategy (ROSS) involves bringing together decision-makers, planners, businesses, and individuals with the power to make smart, regional-based, and coordinated decisions to support open space in the Central Puget Sound. The ROSS is part of a growing national movement to invest in a more comprehensive approach to regional planning that explores how our investments in natural systems support a broad set of community objectives beyond land conservation and habitat protection.

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